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Si kancil dalam bahasa inggris

 Dongeng SI Kancil Menolong Keluarga Kecoa yang Diburu Pak Tani

One time a cockroach hare met with the complainant because he was always hunted by farmers in his home for being disruptive. While sobbing The Cockroaches tells his friends sent him walk away into the forest solely for guidance the famous hare very wise.

"Hiks ... hiks .... that's the hare, I've been hunted by Mr. Farmer and his family every time there in the kitchen and dining them. And we are just looking to eat there, do not intend to interfere at all ". The hare Cockroach reassuring smile, and answered questions with short sentences Cockroaches.

"Go into the library. Read a book about the biology of cockroaches, and read a book about the farmhouse. After that come back to me ".

The Cockroach That's the end for a whole week in the library's ngendon the hare to read books about the life of the farmer's house and cockroaches. He worked hard to understand and record the important points of the book. Incidentally he had taught the hare on how to read and understand the book quickly. A week later he returned to the hare with a sad face.

"O the wise hare. I have read books about the cockroaches and about farmhouses in your library. But I do not know what good is it for me?. I do not understand how the books could solve my problem as a bunch of cockroaches who chased the farmer ". The hare then answered patiently for the failure of The Cockroaches find a solution to his problems.

"Do you know what is like to eat a cockroach?"

"Similar to human and pet food. But so far I'm quite happy with the rest of the food in the dining room, kitchen and the kitchen sink "

"In addition to the kitchen where there is more food available in the farmhouse?". Cockroaches then paused as he leafed through his notes.

"Hmmmm .... according to the book on the peasant's house, they have a place to dump garbage leftovers. That could be a source of food for me "

"Then why Farmers chasing you?"

"According to the book, cockroaches are considered as the attachment of bacteria that may be harmful to humans. So Mr. Farmer fear of bacteria attached on the surface of the body will move everywhere and making his family sick "

"Well that's the answer. Go home and think. You know jawabab the problem ".

Cockroaches quizzically forced to return to his home. He was ashamed to ask Tenya again, as he was considered able to find their own answers. The Cockroach while walking home thinking hard, trying to link the question to the hare with a recipe not being chased farmers. Until finally he found it.

The cockroach jumped up and down with excitement over the discovery that answer. It is hardly wait to meet her friends.

"Ayeeeeiiii! I know the answer!!. Our friends have moved out of the kitchen and dining room into the trash for a market that is deep in the garden. Mr. Farmer made the hut with no walls to pile waste and composted. The place was warm enough for the cockroach who loves a warm place. We have to move to it!. At least there we hunted the frequency diminished by Mr. Farmer, for they rarely were there long, "cried cockroach on his friends when he was close to home.

That's the hare does not directly give an answer to the problem of the cockroach because he believes, he believes The cockroach is intelligent enough to find their own answers to his problems.

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